These Two Cribs

About five years ago, I began dreaming about having twins – foster babies to be exact. So when Ikea had green cribs on sale for $50, I bought two. Since then the cribs have been used in various combinations – as toddler beds sometimes and cribs at other times – for a wide variety of children. However, twins never did come my way.

But today, the two cribs are occupied by their rightful owners. After over two years of waiting, my two sons have arrived. Not twins, they are biological brothers who are eleven months apart. Not infants, they are three and two years old. Their various special needs make cribs still necessary at this point.

It’s not exactly the fulfillment of the dream, yet it is. They are the reason I bought these, though a dream about a 2yr old and 3yr old would not have prompted me to. I might have bought one crib, but not two had that been the dream.

I wouldn’t say God tricks us, but He has a particular and peculiar way of getting us to where we need to be. Since I met my 3yr old days after he was born, and knew of the 2yr old before he even arrived, it’s been a long time of waiting for these cribs to be filled by their rightful owners. Finally, in April the 3yr old (then only 2) came to us through adoption. And on January 16th, the 2yr joined us as a foster child while we wait for him to be eligible for adoption. Once again, our home is full. And, perhaps, our family complete – though you never can tell what the future holds.img_20170116_181052

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