A Year Without….Distractions

Step 1: unsubscribe

At least 90% of the emails I receive are sales pitches. All day long companies like Old Navy and H&M bombard me with the word “deal”. Most often I simply delete the emails without even opening them. This is helps with my goal of spending money wisely. Still, it’s an exercise of my will to ignore the headings proclaiming “70% off today only!”

Occasionally I open the email. The photos cause me to click on the link taking me to the website. In vain I search for the dress or top that caught my attention in the email. It’s never there. I scroll through endless options that don’t appeal to me at all. Then I realize I do need a pair of pants or socks for one of the children. That’s there. But if I spend $50 or $75 it’s free shipping. I live in Canada. Shipping charges are astronomical. I might as well spend the requirement to get free shipping. In the end, having spent double the quota and a shocking amount of time, I find myself checking out with things I know we don’t need. And, given my creative nature, things I don’t even like. But it seems easier than making the children’s clothing which is what I’d really like to do.

As I sit scrolling through endless pictures, I convince myself that I don’t have time to make their clothing.

Is that really true? I don’t know. I’m taking a year to figure that out. Step one in freeing up time is unsubscribing from email lists. Even if I don’t open them, it takes time through out the day to delete each one. So….here I go – taking my self off the list. I’ll no longer be in the know. It’s frightening and strangely liberating. I commit to being off the list for one year. During that time, amazing sales will pass me by. Unbelievable deals will take place without me even knowing. I will miss out on every chance to get the things we might need at a wildly discounted price.

I’m ashamed to say how many things I’ve bought because of the sale price. “Oh, it used to be $25; now it’s only $15. I have to get it.” I’m a bargain shopper. Because of that I’ve ended up with countless items I don’t actually need. It’s time to take a break from the thrill of a deal that leaves my house full and bank account empty.

It’s time to step back from the headlines and make time for what fills my heart not just my home.


One thought on “A Year Without….Distractions

  1. I love the last line, “what fills my heart not my home”. I have tried my best at this too. I cut out my emails last summer. I have been trying to buy everything I need second hand other than food or consumables (exception is shoes because I can’t find them in my Size very well and need good support). I’m trying my best at it but I do slip sometimes. I think the main thing I struggle with is getting rid of items we already have in the house. I need to work on that more this year. Sounds like a great resolution to “fill the heart not my home”.

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