2017: A Year Without….

I find myself looking forward to this new year with the same goals I have every year – to find joy in the everyday, to manage my money wisely, to go on some adventures, and write consistently.

This year, I have a plan that will, hopefully, help me to obtain those goals. In thinking about 2017 the phrase that kept coming to mind is, “The Year Without….”

It’s a strange phrase, but one that energizes my spirit. I want to be without clutter, distractions, strife, fear, and so many other negative things that have marked past years.

I’m realizing, to have the things I desire, I must be without some things. To have time to write, I must eliminate distractions. In order to have time for adventures, I must find a way to maximize my time as a homemaker. To manage my money wisely, I must move away from the consumeristic mentality I so easily fall into. To find the joy in my life, I must deconstruct some of the standards I’ve set for myself.

I must be without hindrances in order to receive the bounty of this year. So, here’s to my year without!



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