See the Impossible

I’ve not known how to put this story into words. I’m still not sure. In November 2013, a friend of mine got a call to foster a newly born baby boy. A few days after his arrival, the girls and I got to meet him. In the moment, it was insignificant. But not long after, Raine and Athena were asking me for a brother.

I started the process of reapplying to adopt. It was lengthy and complicated. As we didn’t move along in the process, the girls stopped asking for a brother and began asking for the baby we saw whenever we visited my friend.

As far as anyone could see, adoption was not in his future. But God saw beyond what was happening in the natural. Slowly, slowly, slowly adoption came into view for this little one. In the meantime, he was facing some unexplainable developmental issues. Tests covering everything imaginable finally uncovered that he has a chromosome disorder – 15q13.3 microdeletion syndrome. This was causing him to struggle with everything from eating to fine and gross motor skills.

Raine and Athena didn’t see that. All they saw was the boy they wanted for their brother. I could see but considered myself equipped for the task.

“Please,” Raine pleaded with me. “Don’t give up. You have to keep trying to get him.” This was her unaltered request during the two long years of waiting for everything to come together.

There were so many challenges. And it took so very long. But at last on April 5 the adoption worker called to say I’d been selected to adopt the little one. April 25 he came stay.

It’s been a miraculous fulfillment to what Raine and Athena have believed for. Their faith sustained me when my eyes could only see the obstacles. Their certainty that he belonged with us compelled me to push past my own insecurities. Of course I’ve always wanted him but sometimes I let what I could see override what I knew to be true. He belongs with us.

I wish I could share with you his smiling face. But the adoption worker has insisted no photos or info be shared until everything is finalized legally. We’re now 6wks into the 6mth adoption probation period. He’s thriving and doing so much better than anyone could have imagined. Every day, as I hold my squirmy, happy 2yr old son, I see the impossible. He has landed exactly where he ought to be – in the family God prepared for him.


our two new additions – boy and puppy – at the beach


2 thoughts on “See the Impossible

  1. It will be so exciting when the final day of adoption arrives!! Can’t wait to see how God brings it all to pass.

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