Mother’s Day

Tomorrow I will make my own breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I’ll do dishes, clean up, and likely put away laundry. There won’t be gifts or accolades. I have no spouse and my children are too young to do much for me.

That’s alright. I look at them and my lovely house and think, “Not long ago this was all just a dream.”

It hasn’t been easy, but I’ve arrived at the place I always wanted to be.

I’m a mother to 4 exceptional children. Two are completely mine. One is in my care possibly temporarily. The newest addition will soon be completely mine. April 5 I got the long awaited call saying I’d been selected to adopt a little boy. After a transition period, he officially joined us on April 25. In about 6mths the adoption will be finalized. Unlike the process with Raine and Athena, I’ve been informed I can’t post anything identifying about him until everything is completed in the courts. So, sadly I can’t share his cute little face yet. But will tell the story of how he came to join us in a future post. It’s a wonderful tale.

I don’t really mind that my Mother’s Day will be filled with the usual mundane tasks. It’s a blessed reminder of the miraculous fact that I am a mother.

3 thoughts on “Mother’s Day

  1. Hi. I have to admit to getting your blogs but not reading them for some time now, This evening I decided to ,
    If I knew you at all I would help the girls make cards for you and surprise you with flowers from them, I am not a good cook so I would make sure to get you cereal and a bagel, brought to you in bed by the girls,,,,with a flower,
    I am glad your where you want to be, that is what is most important.
    Your a very special woman and mom, The newest addition is one lucky little man that I am certain will be loved by you and the girls.
    I lost my mom in 1994.

  2. Beautiful Bobby! I love your blogs! This particular one is so simple and yet so tender. I am truly so happy for you and the amazing journey you are on! May God continue to pour out His richest blessings upon you and your precious children!

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