Having a Husband Would Be Nice

A lot of women have husbands. I understand this. Since I don’t, I end up doing things for myself. Like building a deck two years ago. This year it was time to restain it. That’s what I worked on today. From the time Athena left for school until she returned, I was outside. For most of the morning Raine was with me. Having woken up with a fever, she could not be persuaded to rest. So I put her to work pulling weeds from the flower bed where her wild flower seeds will go.

Being 37 and somewhat out of shape, painting is hard work. My body aches. My arms are sunburned. And I think, yeah it would be nice to have a husband. Or at least extra money to pay someone to do this. Alas, I don’t have either.

Raine had to fend for herself at lunch time. She ate left over chicken and raw veggies. I even let her pour a glass of water. Don’t worry, I made up for it by preparing a well received mac & cheese with ham and broccoli for dinner. Now I’m too sore to move.

Yeah, having a husband would be nice – specifically one who does things around the house. But I haven’t time to worry about that now. I need to finish the deck floor boards tomorrow so I can try building a canopy.


Deck 2yrs ago. After pictures coming soon.


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