Our Table is Full

If you’ve been keeping up with my saga – you’re aware that I began fostering with a private agency 6yrs ago. This past summer I decided to try working directly for the local children’s aid. That didn’t pan out. The experience confirmed I’m no good at short term relationships. I’m a long haul kind of person.

So now I’m officially back with the private agency. Generally, sadly, the children in our agency aren’t going anywhere. They won’t be returning to birth family nor are they likely to be adopted – for a wide variety of reasons.

It may be a while before any new children join our home. However, I am back doing relief for my friend. (With the private agency foster parents have a weekend off every 6wks. The kids go to another foster home during that time. This is called relief.) Although we’ve seen my friend’s three girls regularly it’s been 9mths since they’ve been able to sleep over.

Raine and Athena are thrilled to have them here this weekend. Even after a lengthy separation, they settled in without any issues. It’s wonderful to have them here again. Once more our table and home are full – along with all of our hearts.

ready for dinner

ready for dinner

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