Tea is Always a Good Idea

Tonight’s blog comes to you courtesy of my business blog.

large Tea really is always a good idea. It’s a solitary and communal indulgence. It can pick you up ( black tea ) or calm you down ( herbal teas ). There are endless tastes and experiences when it comes to tea. It really is always a good idea.

Bearing that in mind, I’d like to invite you to join our new Tea of the Month. There’s still time to get in on May’s selections. Each month you’ll receive two pre-selected flavours. It gives you a chance to experience the vast selection of Believe teas.

As a mom, might I suggest this great opportunity for your mom or someone special.

There’s a rare beauty found in a cup of tea. For me, it’s a portal through time into quiet simplicity. The sound of the tea kettle calls me out of the everyday chaos. I invite you to put life…

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