Journey to Wolfe Island Pt 1


In response to my post Looking for Land, my sister brought up the idea of Wolfe Island. “We were there on the weekend,” she said. “And I thought, This is where Bobbie belongs!

That was not the response I was looking for. When I first contemplated moving, never did I imagine leaving the area I’ve been in for nearly 10 years now. I was set – have friends, a great church, resources set up for my boys. All I wanted was a chance to farm and a simpler life for our family. Surely that would be possible where we were.

Without expecting to move there, the children and I traveled five and a half hours to see Wolfe Island. We’d been to visit my sister and her family in Kingston before, but had never taken the ferry across to the island.

Our first stop once the ferry docked, was the Wolfe Island Bakery. “If it’s good, I’ll move there,” Athena decided. Raine was fully on board once the idea was presented. “It’s perfect!” she declared. “We can have everything we’ve always wanted!” Specifically, a farm.

wolfe island bakery

After my sister mentioned it, I looked at what was available on the 29km long island. There is lots of wide open space. Houses with acres of land. Expansive vacant lots that can be built on. It’s nothing like where we are now. As we contemplated the island, having a farm became possible because it is affordable. Prices have sky rocketed in my current region making our dream impossible.

We bought cookies, butter tarts, and chocolate cinnamon buns at the bakery. Walking to the park, Athena sampled the goods. “Ok,” she said. “We can move here.” The bakery managed to live up to the ones in our town.

wolfe island park

I wasn’t sure. So many details would need to come together. Mainly, the adoption worker overseeing the cases of my two little boys would need to be on board. Staying in our current area had been necessary to access the services the boys required. However, in the past little while they’d been discharged from nearly every specialist since they’d made such outstanding progress.

“We’ll see what the adoption worker says,” was my reply.

After two days of visiting the island, the girls were certain this is where they want to be. The boys are still too young to fully understand what’s being considered, but they love going back and forth on the ferry.

Upon our return, I presented the idea to the adoption worker with the question, “Is this even possible?”

“It’s certainly possible,” she answered. “It’s not common for people to move so far away in the middle of an adoption, but it’s not unheard of.”

As I explained the climate on the island and the opportunity of being close to my sister – my children growing up with their cousins – the adoption worker agreed that it is the right choice.

And so began this monumental shifting. Though my sister had often voiced the idea of me moving to where she is in Kingston, I’d never imagined actually doing it. God had opened doors for me to be where I am. Wanting to give my children stability and consistency, I’d not planned on moving at all. But once my youngest arrived, the spacious house we live in was no longer functional. That’s what had started the process of preparing to move. It was lengthy and painstaking. But is now complete. Our house is up for sale. (link)

Last week, it looked like everything was coming together. An offer was made on our house. The closing date was to be September 1st. What seemed impossible was becoming possible. Then the couple backed out. I suspect they found something else they liked more than my house. The “issues” that came up in the inspection were incredibly minor and had been disclosed before hand – an old furnace in good working order being one of them.

So…..the house is back on the market awaiting the correct buyers who will see it for the treasure that it is. Meanwhile, my sister and brother-in-law are scouting properties for me on Wolfe Island. We know we’re going but aren’t exactly sure when. The why also escapes me. Where we are is wonderful. But I trust the Lord is leading us into a good place. I anticipate resting (as much as possible with four young children) after working frantically to prepare my house for selling and now working hard to keep it tidy for showings. Beyond that, I’m not sure what our life will look like. In hopes of having time to knit and sew, I’ve stocked up on yarn and fabric. Three of my children will be attending school once we make our way to the island. Having emailed with the school’s principal, I suspect this may be the right place for my little ones. The school is small – about 50 children – yet able to access all the resources available in the city of Kingston since they’re technically under that jurisdiction.

Everything feels right. We simply need to get to the island. Would appreciate your prayers for our house to sell and the right one to be available for us on Wolfe Island.

We’re ready for this adventure to begin!


2 thoughts on “Journey to Wolfe Island Pt 1

  1. Being the big city person (Toronto) having made many trips to visit family in Montreal I am familiar with the Island, the bakery and the area.
    I could not be happier for you and those amazing 4 kids who have the most amazing woman to call mom.
    Wishing you all, nothing but health and happiness,,,,,happiness I know you have a lot of, along with an amazing heart, full of love

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