And Now She’s 8


Raine age 3

Today, Raine turns 8. I find myself thinking of the chubby 3yr old who arrived nearly five years ago. It’s impossible to imagine my life without her and hard to believe how quickly the time has gone. Together we’ve moved from strangers to family.

It was a month after Raine turned 3 that she came to me from another foster home. I’ve no birth story to share. My child arrived walking, talking, and incredibly opinionated.

I always knew I’d adopt. There was an idea in my mind of the child

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Raine and I, Nov 2015

God would bring and the life we would lead. Never did I imagine such a replica of myself. “It’s because God knew I was your mother,” I tell Raine, “that’s why He made you just like me.” We share looks, tenacity, passion, innovation, and determination. Raine is always eager to help with all my projects – from rearranging furniture to selling granola. She’s sure I can do anything at all and cheers me on with songs whenever I get discouraged.

As she grows, Raine’s heart continues to expand with love and compassion. She still surprises me and defy my expectations. Today, as with every day, I’m so glad she’s mine.


Raine on her 8th Birthday



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