Giving Thanks

Holidays generally have me thinking of food. Thanksgiving is all about turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie. This year I’m thankful for food in a surprising manner – not just that we have it but that I have access to an abundance of healthy food.

One of the keys to Raine being able to manage emotionally is food. Sometimes I’m quick to attribute the gains she’s made to the medication she’s on. Then I have a moment of weakness at the grocery store. I buy cereal, hotdogs, crescent rolls (to be cooked around the hotdogs), a boxed cake mix, and chocolate icing. It’s been over two months since the kids have had cereal. I’ve been making muffins, granola, muesli, and bread with organic grains.

Raine apple picking

Raine apple picking

The day before Raine had cereal, she completed a grade 4 math worksheet even though she’s only in grade 2. Excitement coursed through her veins as she figured out each problem. She was incredibly proud – putting a gold star beside correct answers as she checked them on the calculator. It was perhaps our best moment of homeschooling this far. After having cereal for breakfast, Raine refused to do any school work. She threw her papers and pencil around the room several times before I finally have up.

Lately, there have been hotdogs in crescent rolls, an apple bagel from Tim Horton’s, and cupcakes from a boxed mix. Very shortly after each there have been massive meltdowns. Once upon a time, that’s what my life consisted of day in and day out. Now, the experience is incredibly rare. You’d think the rarity would cause me to fare better. In fact it’s quite the opposite.

We’ve had a rough few days. But I’m taking a moment to remember how grateful I am for the region I live in. Seven and a half years ago, when I moved here I was pining for the city. The cottage I lived in overlooked the lake. When my foster child was asleep, I would sit on the shore and weep. Across from me was Toronto, the first place I’d really felt at home.

Settling in here has happened by degrees. God miraculously enabled me to buy an amazing

Athena apple picking in her apple dress

Athena apple picking in her apple dress

house. And, driving home today, I was reminded of how important this region is. Everywhere you look there are orchards and farms. We can walk to pick cherries. Driving anywhere, we pass by countless stands selling fruits, vegetables, honey, maple syrup, jams, and pies.

All my kids do best when they eat healthy, organically grown food. Knowing this, God put me in the right place. It took time for me to understand and appreciate this. But I do now. This quiet town is a gift to me. I’m deeply thankful.

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