At Last!

It’s slightly comical this occurred on Thursday. Ages ago, I intended to blog regularly and was going to have Thursdays be all about my progress in trying to adopt again. Then reality set in and there’s been nothing at all to update anyone on. Nearly a year ago, I handed in all my paperwork. Several times I’ve called and left messages or emailed asking when the next step – a home visit – will be taken.

Despite the initial enthusiasm my request was met with, nothing transpired for a painfully long time. Now there is a specific situation I’m hoping for. My best efforts over the past several months garnered nothing. At the end of July, my adoption worker finally responded to one of my emails. She said she’d gotten permission to complete my homestudy. But would be away the next three weeks. She was supposed to contact me upon her return. I’ve been in touch several times but without any response. Time continued to pass. I began to lose heart.

Then this morning, I received a call from my adoption worker. She’ll be coming on Wednesday to meet with me.

The first time I went through the adoption homestudy process, I had an older foster child living with me. She preferred everything neat and tidy. So my house was just that. Now I have three children who throw their play jewelry on the floor of their rooms when asked to take it off the dinning room table and put it away. My house will not be neat and tidy. I’ve lowered my standard to somewhat presentable. The car is anything but with rust consuming more and more of the doors. But I’m still working on that (and would love your help!) However, it likely won’t be complete by this coming Wednesday.

After all this time of waiting, I’m not really ready. My stomach is in knots and I feel woefully inadequate. Still, I press on. This is what I’ve wanted for so very long. I know our little family needs to grow. Hopefully, come next Thursday, I’ll have another exciting update.

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