Progress on the Adoption Front

I expected my second adoption to be typical. That’s why I set forth the plan to post an update each Thursday. The process began so long ago I can’t find my initial post.

As with all things in my life, this is not usual.

I’ve waited ages for the homestudy to be complete. In November, all my paperwork was handed in. And then there was nothing but silence. My adoption worker said she was busy with a few other families but would soon come to my file. Time has passed.

At last, on Friday, I sent an email trying to conceal my desperation. Immediately she replied saying, “Funny you should be in touch today. I just got approval to complete your homestudy.”

That amazing news was followed with the information that she is going to be away for three weeks but will be in touch upon her return. With that time line now in place, I’m working hard to get everything ready. There are some projects around the house I need to complete and so on.

One of the things I need in moving forward is a new vehicle. Mine, a 2001 that I bought 004used from a friend 5yrs ago, has served me well. But the body is being eaten up by rust and the kilometers are adding up – currently at 395,348. Though never having given me much trouble thus far, I really can’t expect it to go on forever.

I could explain in detail how I do my best to economize and accept every odd job that comes along. I work diligently to add to the government subsidy that I receive with the adoption. Most of the time we manage reasonably financially. But at the moment, there’s no way I can swing a newer vehicle.

And so, a friend has launched a crowd funding project. It’s incredibly unusual for me to request help – of any sort. This comes with incredible trepidation. I know a second round of adoption is where I need to head. And if you’d like to contribute in any manner to my present need, I’d be eternally grateful.

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