Life is Fun

Yesterday, as part of Raine’s birthday celebration, we went to see the movie Paddington Bear. Of

at the movies

at the movies

course I was teary over the speech about family not always being created by birth. Near the end there’s a dramatic scene where Paddington is climbing up a chimney trying to escape the woman trying to kill him.

“Why did he want to stay alive?” Raine asked on the drive home.

Born addicted to prescription drugs, Raine fought to stay alive. The details of her early life, some known but most unknown to me, indicate she has a strong desire to live. So the question didn’t worry me.

“Because life is really wonderful,” I answered. “And fun.”

She thought about that for a few moments.

“Why do you want to stay alive?” I inquired.

“Because life is really fun,” Raine replied. She continued to evaluate Paddington Bear’s response to the danger he was in. Mostly approving of the choices he made, Raine resolved to do the same should anyone want to harm her. She committed to climbing up a chimney in search of safety.

“And if you were climbing, I’d be at the top to catch you,” she promised me.

I doubt I’ll be squeezing through any chimneys in my lifetime, but I appreciate the sentiment.

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