Caught Up in Drama

I tend to get caught up in the drama dished out by the media. This, may be, my greatest strength and resizeweakness. I’m not talking about the drama of reality tv or what celebrities’ children wear while walking down the street. I’m talking about things like a report on racism in Winnipeg. The article describes a portion of the city that it is “the poorest and most violent neighbourhood in urban Canada.” Where “one in six children are apprehended by Manitoba’s Child and Family Services.”

Before moving to Kingston this past summer, my sister and brother-in-law lived in Winnipeg. Having visited several times, I feel connected to the city.

Reading about the challenges facing aboriginals, my first response was, “I’m going to move there and foster.” Many children are coming into care. I’m sure my experience would be welcomed. My heart was full. Thoughts slipped out as I read the article over dinner.

“We’re not living there,” Athena told me. “It’s too cold. And winter is forever.”

I’d almost forgotten that as I got caught up in the dramatic story of despair. This is the drama that grips me, motivates me, and moves me. But in the end, there’s often nothing I can do.

I can’t pack up and move to Winnipeg at the moment. I really want to. I’ve started looking at real estate listings. It’s affordable. But I’m in the midst of several things here in Ontario – like adopting again. Realistically, I know it’s not possible or advisable. Uprooting our life isn’t going to be best for Raine and Athena right now. So….maybe when my kids are grown I will move myself into this tragedy. Because how can I not respond to the vast need?

Winnipeg has become my retirement plan. In the meantime, I can pray. I can tell you. Maybe there’s something you can do. Maybe you can reach out to the vast number of aboriginal children coming into foster care. Maybe you can get caught up in this drama, too.

Or maybe you can build benches. At bedtime, I asked 5yr old Athena, “What can we do to make the world a better place?”

“We can build benches. Paint them rainbow colours. And put them everywhere,” she answered. “Then when people’s legs are tired, they can sit down.”

Her little legs often get tired trying to keep up with her energetic sister when we’re out for walks.


Maybe you can build a bench. Though I would love to see everyone I know jump into the world of fostering and adopting, I realize it’s an unusual path. If it’s not for you, maybe you can be a bench – somewhere for those walking this path to rest. Because the vast need can be tiring.

If you can jump into the drama, do it! If not, build a bench.

2 thoughts on “Caught Up in Drama

  1. Hi to a wonderful woman whom the girls are lucky to call mom and to you mom.
    I am very much the same as far as getting caught up by media stories, and no I could also care less in what Hollywood is wearing.
    As a fellow Ontarian (Toronto) I can not relate to Winnipeg having never been there myself, largely for reasons similar to what Athena said(laughing,,,,kids do say the darndest things,,,)
    This is another example of what an amazing heart you have.
    By moving there, you would create a big loss for Ontario, more people should be like you here, your amazing and adopting again shows it even more.
    Yes the real estate is much cheaper there, as far as retiring there, most want to retire to Florida(laughing),
    Athena has shown with her words and ideas as far as building a bench how smart she is and gives us all hope that as the song says,,,,I believe children our are future, teach them well and let them lead the way,,,,,they are being taught so well by you.
    It also strikes me in this report that while I am jewish, though non religious that the other day was the liberation of the Holocaust. While I myself lost no family there, the stories of what some of my family went through here along with things I have experienced troubles me and here we are some 70 years later,,,,oops I digressed.
    We need more benches,,,here in Ontario
    P.S feel free to use my personal email as well if you like,,,your choice

  2. Beautiful words, and a beautiful example of humility and courage. We can only do what we can do. That doesn’t mean stop praying, that doesnt mean stop planning.
    much respect to you

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