Moving at Snail’s Pace

It’s Thursday. Quite some time ago I deemed Thursdays my new adoption update day. After that, I took a look around my house and life. It was a series of incomplete projects.

When I previously traveled through the adoption approval process, I had one teenager who was incredibly tidy. My house was always clean and ready for visitors. Now days, with a 4yr old and 6yr old who are anything but tidy, it’s impossible to get back to that previous standard. And at the moment we have a dog who is shedding profusely!

My adoption paper work is done. I simply need to make an appointment with my social worker. She’ll come to the house to meet with my girls and I. Then, when she takes the paper work with her, the ball will be very officially rolling.


treating Athena’s hair

Here’s what I’ve been doing that’s kept me from making that call. Dealing with lice! As school drew to a close my friend alerted my she’d found lice in her daughter’s hair. When I checked, Athena was saturated. Raine and I went untouched, but I treated all of our hair. In 6yrs of fostering this was my first encounter with lice. Needless to say, that’s rare. More often than not children enter care with lice. So I can’t really complain.

upstairs bathroom

upstairs bathroom

I’ve also replaced both bathroom sinks (still need to put new flooring in both), wallpapered the upstairs bathroom, replaced the downstairs bathroom door, built a canopy over my back deck, reorganized our school space, reorganized my room (moving my business hub from the basement to my walk-in closet), added a new bench to my front garden, painted a new front door (which still needs to be installed)

In the midst of all that we’re enjoying summer as well.

new art cupboard in the school area!

new art cupboard in the school area!

There’s been a couple rounds of cherry picking – once with my sister, another time with a friend. We’ve been to the beach. One evening a local dairy farm offered a free dinner and tour of¬† the farm. That was lots of fun. There’s been a reasonable amount of ice cream these days. And the kids’ favourite adventure has become walking to one of the two bakeries in town. That’s a request I can’t say no to.

Going to work on getting the mounds of laundry put away today. Then I’m going to make an appointment with my adoption worker. It’s time to shift out of snail’s pace!

cherry picking

picking cherries at the orchard a few doors down from our house


Port Dalhousie beach

Port Dalhousie beach


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