Book Release!

It’s Thursday. I’ve promised to update you on my new adoption process these days. So far I’ve completed the initial paperwork. Monday I’ll call my adoption worker to set up our first in-home meeting. That’s it for now.

But I do have something else to share in the area of adoption. Recently I completed a picture book on the subject. It’s a beautiful story for parents waiting to adopt and children who are adopted.

You may have already taken a peek at it over on Meira Publishing. It’s taken some time for the printed books to arrive. But finally they’re here!

Because I’m a single adoptive mom, I’ve created two forms of the book. One is for single adoptive moms (in my heart) and the other for couples (in our hearts). At the moment both print books are available, a pdf ebook for in our hearts, and some lovely prints inspired by the books.

I’m so excited to be sharing this book with you! So for the month of May there’s no charge for shipping.

Thanks for taking part in my adventures as an adoptive mom. If you’re in a similar boat or know someone who is, I know this book will bless them.

in our hearts coverin my heart cover2

3 thoughts on “Book Release!

  1. I will get both books!!!!

    I would like to forward this to the pregnancy centre too — they do adoption counselling — this is a greAt resource of comfort

    You are rocking it girl!!


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