Athena Turns 9

Today Athena turned 9.


Every birthday reminds me of the first one I spent with her. Three months after she came to me, Athena turned 2. She was tiny and timid. All the balloons and streamers at that first celebration made her smile and laugh.

I had no idea I’d be with her in years to come. At that point, each day contained a measure of uncertainty. Neither of us knew what the future held. I did all I could to make that one day memorable.

Since then, birthdays have become more subdued. Now that I know she’s here forever, there isn’t the same urgency.

This year, away from the bakeries and friends we relied on for spectacular cakes, I did my best to deliver. Thankfully, Athena was sufficiently impressed.


While being 8, Athena has blossomed in confidence. She loves writing stories about the animals encountered on the island. She loves to dance and do flips on the monkey bars. She loves to help out around the house – making school lunches with me each night.

She’s kind and considerate. Athena loves to make us laugh. She’s intelligent and creative. She’s absolutely amazing.

In every way, Athena continues to grow in grace and stature. So excited to see what’s in store for my girl this year!

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