Placement Calls

three bedsTwo and a half weeks ago, I was moving beds around – because that’s what I do with all my free time. Athena ended up with three beds in her room, not including the trundle bed that is ready in a matter of minutes. As I made the beds and looked into the future, I found myself thinking, “I’d love to have 3yr old twin girls and maybe a 7yr old or 8yr old.” I went to bed dreaming of that configuration.

In the morning, I received a call from the private fostering agency I work for. The case manger was wondering if I’d be interested in a placement of 3yr old twin girls, a 7yr old boy, and an 8yr old girl. The sibling group was set to be apprehended that day. I was certain this was the situation for us. It was exactly what I’d thought of the night before. Of course I said yes.

Since it work for a private agency, my yes didn’t make anything certain. My employer presented me to the children’s aid that contacted them. Usually at least two homes from my agency are offered as options. Sometimes children’s aid has involved several private agencies. That means there are many homes being looked at. The social worker combs through the choices and picks one that will hopefully be best suited for the children.

In my years of fostering, I’ve said yes to many situations that never came about. But I’d never had such a specific thought as I had while arranging Athena’s room. I could see the 3yr old girls and their older sister in the room even before I got the call.

All day I waited. The case worker called many times – but not about the four children. There was a set of boys, aged 7 & 9, and a 15yr old girl she wondered if I’d want. What I really wanted was those four children. But I said yes to the boys and that I’d be willing to meet the 15yr old who was being transferred from an institution back into foster care.

The boys went to another foster home within my agency. And, at the end of the day, I found out that children’s aid hadn’t gotten a warrant to apprehend the four children. They weren’t coming to me after all. I nearly cried. Normally, I know not to get my hopes up when I get a placement call. But this one had seemed so sure. I had everything for that exact situation. I would have just needed to run out and get another vehicle that could transport six small children and myself.

I’ve left the three beds up in Athena’s room and made matching duvet covers. The extra bed was supposed to be temporary until I took it down and delivered it to someone else. But now I can’t bear to part with it. Those four children might still come. Even now, I can’t get them out of my mind. Praying the Lord continues to move on their behalf wherever they are.

And then I was still left with the prospect of the 15yr old………..(more on that coming tomorrow)

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