I’d Rather Create

Christmas came and went. It was nice and enjoyable. The kids got many lovely gifts from family & friends.

Even with my attempts at a simple meal, there were lots of preparations to be made. I had a small breakfasts out when my parents arrived to watch the kids open their gifts. Later we had a light lunch then went to visit friends. And were back home for the regular 7pm bedtime. It was relatively low key and fairly peaceful.

But still I was worn out. As a mom hosting Christmas, the holidays are028 anything but a holiday. Instead of cleaning up, Boxing Day found me fulfilling a long standing tradition of my own – doing jigsaw puzzles while watching movies. Using my new tea set, received from a dear friend, the day was one of quiet indulgence.

Creating, even if it’s a small puzzle, has always been a driving force in my life. As a child I learned to embroider and sew. One summer, while watching Pride and Prejudice (the nearly 6hr A&E version) and drinking tea, my friends and I taught ourselves to knit and crochet. It wasn’t a typical teen activity but we were happy.

011Now my time is vastly limited. These days my creating is generally limited to food and blogs. But I do still attempt other things – like making matching pajamas for Raine, Athena, and all their cousins. This years I made the pants and just bought the shirts adding a little applique.

Realizing how little time I have to sew and knit, the vast stash of supplies in my basement are completely useless. Maybe one day….. I’ve thought for a very long time. With that thought I find myself buying a few more meters of fabric and several balls of yarn.

One day isn’t going to be any time soon. So it’s time to part with some supplies – especially embroidery since I’ll likely never again have enough time for that. Knowing other creative types, I’m know I’m not the only one with excess supplies and equipment.

That brought about the idea of doing a sale where we could all let go of our extra items – passing them on to other like minded individuals.

February 28th will be the first Create Sale. I’m so excited about everything planned – including workshops for kids, teens, and adults. Raine and Athena have been very much a part of the planning process – helping me decide on a location (Vineland, ON) and workshops. They’re as excited as I am and are hoping to make it to every workshop.

If you’re in the area, we still have tables available for you to sell your extra craft/creative supplies and equipment. There are also some spots left in workshops. The Boxing Day sale of 40% off workshops continues until the end of December 27th (enter BOXINGDAY40).

I may not be able to spend hours knitting any more, but with my daughters and a few friends I can manage to pull together an event to help others find the means to create in their own lives.


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