Two years ago I started a business, Believe bistro. The idea came in response to my older foster daughter wanting a job. Her intellectual limitations made typical teen employment – fast food or babysitting – impossible. During the five years I parented Sabrina*, I did my best to give her a normal life. So I launched a coffee & tea business – selling on-line and at local events/shows.

Sabrina loved counting out teabags and organizing the inventory. It was perfect for her. Then she grew up and left for a somewhat grown-up existence. Sabrina will always require the input and guidance of a responsible adult. My role as that came to an end last summer.

I’ve carried on with Believe bistro. My friend’s two teen foster children sometimes help out. They lack Sabrina’s attention to detail and exceptional work ethic.

As I stay up late sewing cup cozies and sorting through packages of fragrant tea, I IMG_20141002_114016-1wonder what I’m doing. Typically people don’t just start up a businesses. I know that now. A woman representing Pampered Chef or the likes there of informed me of this when I set up at a large scale home show. I didn’t bother telling that woman why I started it, she had a hard enough time wrapping her mind around the nerve I had to begin something original.

It wasn’t necessarily nerve, just an idea that got away from me. And now my vast walk in closet is stacked with pretty blue boxes containing lovely white packages of tea.

Sometimes I wonder why I’m carrying on. It started for Sabrina. But who is this all for now?

Tomorrow we’re heading to a local sale. In addition to tea, I’m selling off my collection of vintage children’s clothing. For the 1st time I’m bringing my daughters with me. Normally they help with set-up. Then they’re off with a babysitter or we depart leaving the table in the care of a friend.

Raine and Athena are incredibly interested in the business. They’ve been asking for a chance to be at the table to sell. Being 6yrs and 5yrs of age the actual sale may not interest them after all. But we’re going to give it a try for a few hours before my friend comes.

“I want to wear a really fancy dress so people will say, ‘that girl’s so cute I should buy some tea’,” said Raine this evening.

“I won’t smile, but will say ‘Do you want some tea?'” Athena informed me.

Though I began Believe for Sabrina, I suppose I carry it on for Raine & Athena. They witnessed me come up with an idea, make it a reality, and continue to work at succeeding. This is the example I want to set for them – the importance of believing in yourself.



*name changed

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